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US Fumigation was formed in an effort to raise the level of service and professionalism in the commercial fumigation industry. We come from decades of pest control and termite experience and always struggled to find a fumigator we were happy with, so we became that company. Fumigation is the most serious thing that the pest industry offers so we treat it as such.

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U.S. FUME: Residential Fumigation

The Fumigation Process

What to expect when you get a fumigation: Here we would like to de-mystify the fumigation process and describe it in layman's terms what to expect.

So you think you may have termites or bed bugs, what now? The first step is to contact us for a free inspection. Here we will inspect the property to get an idea of the type of insect that is bothering you and the amount of activity. We will talk you through the fumigation process and how to prepare, and work to schedule you in at your earliest convenience. When the time comes for your fumigation, here is what to expect.

US FUME: Residential Fumigation Tent

Day 1

Our team will arrive at an agreed time and walk through the home to make sure it is properly prepared. When we are satisfied, we will start to cover the building with tarpaulins (known as tenting). When that step is complete and the structure is prepared, we will introduce the fumigant gas into the structure.

Day 2

Our team will return to remove the tarpaulins from the building. this allows the gas to begin to dissipate naturally so that when we return the third day, we have a good start on making sure the building is clear of fumigant.

If you have any further questions beyond this, please feel free to call and ask or download one of our preparation guides.

Day 3

Our team will return again to set up a series of fans to start the ``active aeration`` process. The point of this is to drive the fumigant out of the building so that the structure is safe to re-enter. To make sure of this, we use a clearance device known as a Clir Check, which is a parts per million detector. When we have the structure at less than 1ppm, the structure is safe to re-enter and we will notify you that the building is cleared for reoccupation.