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Wholesale Fumigation For Pest Companies

U.S. FUME: Wholesale Fumigation For Pest Companies

Allow US to treat your customers the way they deserve to be treated with our state of the art fumigation services.  We will provide all the necessary paperwork, notify the state, and follow up with you every step of the way acting as an extension of your company.  If you provide a company banner, we will gladly hang it for you for advertisement We will even guarantee our work for 2 years compared the 1 year that most of our competition offer.  Drop us an email for a vendor packet and trust US with your fumigation’s.

Commercial Fumigation

U.S. FUME: Residential Fumigation

Have a business that you need to treat for termites? Maybe they are getting into supplies or materials? We can provide a solution no matter the nature of your business and if time is the most important factor, we can do what is called a same-day clear. This allows us to knock a day off the fumigation time and get you opened up sooner. Set up a free inspection with one of our termite fumigation professionals to hear about how you can protect your facility with US Fume’s fumigation services.

Bed Bugs Fumigation

US Fume: Bed Bugs Fumigation

Fumigation isn’t just for termites!  Bed bugs are very tough to kill using standard spray methods.  Not only do you have to basically tear apart your whole home for treatment, breaking down furniture, laundering everything etc, it may also take multiple visits to get under control – and yes, the bed needs to be pulled apart every time!  Not with fumigation.  It is a one-shot treatment that you just have to vacate the home for with nothing more than the fresh, laundered clothes you need for 3 days.  The fumigant will kill all stages of the bed bug from egg to adult and leaves no area left for them to hide.  We guarantee to get rid of your bed bugs faster and more effectively than the competition.  Trust US.

Residential Fumigation

US FUME: Residential Fumigation Tent

Don’t let termites damage your main investment! We are able to fumigate your home and offer a full guarantee. There are many signs of termite activity whether it be swarms, discarded wings, pellets or damage itself. Let our professionals provide a free inspection and guide you through the ultimate solution. Fumigation is serious work, but we will take the stress out of it and employ every technique available to minimize risk. You can be sure you’re in good hands when you trust US with your termite treatment. We offer residential fumigation services through out South Florida in Palm Beach County, Martin County, Port Saint Lucie County and Indian River County.